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            2014-NOW(patulous period)

          • In 2016Huizhou Biaoding Technology co.,LTD completed the joint-stock restructuring, renamed as Guangdong Biaoding Technology Corporation; we have developed "One Body Two Wings" development strategy: one body is give priority to air sourcing system, two wings is: 1. Rail transit related products and maintenance services; 2. Military products.

          • In 2015 Jiangxi Topmark technology center building construction was finished.

          • In 2014The top science and technology co., LTD. Was set up in jiangxi province.

          • In 2014Sales volume reached 100 million RMB, stepped into growing orbit.

          • 2004-2013(evolution period)

          • In 2012Passed Standard management system certification for  International Railway Industry Standard(IRIS)

          • 2011Passed International welding certification(EN15085)

          • In 2010Won Huizhou intellectual property advantage enterprise.

          • In 2010Topmark improved and modified air source system was volume used in various subways and urban rails.

          • In 2009The first domestic subway air sourcing system, BF-0.9/9A, researched by Topmark, put into loading using.

          • In 2009Screw Compressors for Topmark locomotive were identified as high-tech products.

          • In 2007We obtained Guangdong high-tech enterprise certificate.

          • In 2007Zhangdejiang comrade, the Guangdong’s party chief in Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, visited Guangdong Topmark technology co., LTD on July22.2007.

          • In 2004we established Municipal engineering R&D center

          • 2001-2003(Initial period)

          • In 2003Topmark established cooperative relationship ROTORCOMP

          • In 2002Topmark adopted ISO9001:2000 international qualitymanagement system certification.

          • In 2002Topmark passed audits of ministry of Railways administration, locomotive parts have obtained the fixed point certification.

          • In 2001Topmark obtained certificate for Guangdong private science and technology enterprises.

          • In 2001Screw Compressor BT-2.6/10A obtained,The Beijing Railway Bureau innovation award

          • 1999-2000(Start-up phase)

          • In 2000Topmark screw compressor series begun operation by loading in China's railway locomotive.

          • In 1999The first BT screw compressor passed modelling test

          • In 1999Huizhou Biaoding Technology co., LTD was founded. Founder is Huang jianhua

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